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The Kinetic Eco-territory
Rethinking the Blue/Urban Edge of Liquid Space

Water, Air and Earth are the 'natural gifts' that all inhabitants shall have the rights to access. With growing urbanisation and anthropogenic stresses on the urban waterways, the liquid public space has been hidden and progressively channelised as lucrative conveyors for capitalist operations by the politicians, authorities and businesspeople. The lack of social connectivity between the urban rivers and the public has gradually appeared unsuitable. 


The project rethinks the blue-urban edge of London’s South Bank, and reclaims public’s rights to access urban rivers beyond the traditional boundary. This biophilic project develops a kinetic territory that welcomes all citizens to visit in fair weather;  It is a living productive landscape where people collectively engage in building green/blue infrastructure for helping river ecosystems and mediating flooding issues; It is the “equigenic blue” for narrowing the health inequalities in capitalist urban environment.

The kinetic Eco-territory
Catalogue of Platforms
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