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Ying-Hao Lynd Li

Yinghao Lynd Li


Yinghao Lynd Li

Following achieving my RIBA Part 1-BA/MA (1st Hons) in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, I enrolled in the Architecture Association (AA) for my first postgraduate degree, where I conducted research pertaining to the liminal space and porosity of architectural space, focusing specifically on the public territory of London. Subsequently, I pursued my Master's degree (RIBA Part II) at the University of Cambridge. The focus of the research initiative at UofCam was sustainable urban redevelopment and architectural reuse within the socioeconomic, political, and environmental context of China. Sustainable renovation strategies for urban village transformation (modern 'cultural heritage') in Southern Chinese cities and architectural reuse framework that links materials, urban artefacts, collective memory, 'spirit of place', genius loci, law, politics of labour, and economy are among the results of this research. 

When employed by Foster+Partners, CallisonRTKL, China Resources Land Ltd, Poly Developments and Holdings Group Co., Ltd., I have participated in a multitude of mixed-use and expansive urban planning initiatives in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. These projects involve (over 200,000 s.q.m) mall design, island planning in the Red Sea, and luxury residential buildings and high-rise tower design.



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